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, wbal-tv 11 is. >> and an anne arundel county man is charged with sexually abusing several children in the edgewater area did this week, 56-year-old john villers-farrow was arrested for allegedly abusing children born to thousand -- to 2008 from 2000 -- from 2000 to 2008. anyone with more information or anyone who may have been a victim is also asked to call the anne arundel county child abuse unit -- 410-222-3484. baltimore county police are ready to determine if a body part discovered on wednesday is human good sky team 11 was over the scene where we are told that a man was on the property at its pocket way. he found what looked like at hand. so far, officials have not been able to confirm if the discovery was a human hand. just before 5:00 this morning, officers pulled the body of a woman from the inner harbor. the original call came in as a person in the water on the pier side of the 2300 block of boston street. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. it is unclear how the victim ended up in the water. a baltimore city mother is the only survivor of a violent home invasion
arundel county. it will be at the off ram. that's a look at your time saver traffic. >> let's take a look at that. you're looking at a live picture of the scene. there's a pop. there now we're worried about the temperatures dropping when the sun went night, night, right? >> let's let over to roosevelt leftwich and joce sterman. >> reporter: we began to hear the jack hammering. the bge crews have been working on the gas lines. that's a real cause for concern. >> the water in this particular intersection -- you have water mains, smaller ones, the gas lines, electric lines. they want to be careful. you can see it's a trickle as the water is coming out. there's still a lot of water out, many millions of gallons. >>> let's take a look. it's right here at 20th and charles. it's running like the susquehanna. it was first thought there with be problems with the train station but that didn't happen. as they were walking around and saw all this water, they didn't know what to think. >> i looked up and said oh my goodness, what's going on now. terrible. and look at that. look at all of that. i feel
:38 right now. she lost everything in a house fire and now one little girl from anne arundel county is healing by helping others like her. her name is lauren and she started an organization to give fire victims the essentials that they need. she still cries when she thinks about losing her home and everything that was inside of it. but from that tragedy, she created lauren's luggage. she stuffs suitcases with items she misses in the first few hours and days after her family lost their home in a fire. >> toy and notebook, shampoo, conditioner, soap, tried to give them to like families after fires like -- blankets, stuffed animals and kind of the essentials of what would have been really helpful like that for us. it just feels nice giving people stuff and helping them out. >> the luggage and everything inside is either donated to lauren or she gets it from goodwill. she delivers the packages to local fire stations for them to give to families. >>> news time now is 4:39. a check of the weather outside. lynette it is still cold. >> it is. it's still chilly out there and it's going to st
. >> reporter: john williams run has facebook page dedicated to anne arundel first responders. >> these guys are working until they drop up there. figure we would do what we can to help them guys. >> while first responders are out helping the hurricane victims, their families are home alone and in many cases without eat. john wants marylanders to drop off blankets, clothes, secure solutions, lock and key. he plays in a local band called pass pasadena. he thought this would be good to give back. >> people that we know who live up there won't be able to get back to the house for six to eight months. >> he was asked to help out in the relief effort and had no problem helping out the first responders. >> you snow, it could be weeks to -- know this could be weeks to months before they get power back about they're still taking their time and lives to help everybody else. >> reporter: there's still some local connections here. >> people were dropping things off yesterday. we found at left a half dozen of them have family up there, friends up there. they really appreciate the support. so we're tryin
informacion sobre su identidad o paradero la policia de anne arundel investiga una balacera en una sucursal de la cadena de tiendas walmart.. la balacera dejo al gerente de la tienda herido... claudia uceda nos tiene lo ultimo de este incidente... la policia aun permanece en la escena.... la tranquilidad regreso a esta tienda de walmart en laurel, maryland.... donde un ladron hirio a bala a un empleado... analed suarez/clienta de walmart "en el tiempo que vivo aqui 5 anos, nunca habia visto algo asi..." a las 4 de la madrugada un hombre amenazo a mano armada a uno de los trabadores de walmart y exigio que diera dinero en efectivo justin mulcahy/ vocero de la policia de anne arundel "el ladron le pidio dinero del negocio al empleado. la victima obedecio, le dio el dinero y por razones desconocidas que aun estamos investigando, el ladron obligo a la victima a que se vaya al estacionamiento donde le disparo." indico fue en este estacionamiento vehicular donde el empleado de 28 anos fue disparado en el pecho.... se espera sobreviva... quienes frecuentan la tienda reaccionan fernando rodriguez/ cli
>> a bomb threat from an anne arundel man and how police tracked him down. >> black friday sales are everywhere, even a local animal shelter. what advocates are doing to make adopting a pet easier. >> a student and a driver, a violent wrestling match and it's all caught on tape. >> the fire storm surrounding the incident started today. investigator joce sterman is here now with what the mta is saying about this driver. >> reporter: the driver from the video has been pulled from service after thes in ti fight during yesterday's shift. the video shows her and a young woman throwing things around. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: now the shocking video was posted to youtube. mta confirmed the fight happened between a driver and the student. the person who posted the video says it started when the bus driver got angry because the woman was playing her music too loud. mta's spokesman said the driver has been with them since 2003 and they in no way condone a driver fighting with a passenger. the mta is reviewing this footage and others. >> we are also attempting to pull the video from the b
are traveling in anne arundel county, we are dealing with a crash on route 50 along westbound lanes and there's three minute delay. not too bad from the split to 97. and in fells point delays an investigation underway into yesterday's fire. so, the northbound lanes of south broadway are still going to be shut downright between eastern avenue and fleet street. if you are traveling the main lines as we check in and look live at the west side of the beltway at baltimore national pike, no delays 11 minutes right now on the outer loop from 795 down to 95. and this is what it looks like in parkville at harford road. nice and clear as you travel the outer loop from 95 up to 83. that's taking you 11 minutes and the inner loop is clear down to 95. spending of 95 no problems to report in white marsh. it's going to take you 4 minutes to travel from route 43 down to the beltway and it will remain clear heading into the city. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >> in democracy 2012 coverage no need for a tv to find the election results in new york you had to look up. empire stat
- hiring is underway t maryland's biggest casino at arundel mills... givinn ob opporrunities to another 12- pundred people. that's because vottrs approved question 7... which expands gambling... and allow casinos to stay open 24-hours a ay. maryland live owner davii cordish... says 8-hundred of those new employeee will be tabll game dealers... and that the casino will pay for their training. (cordish) "we made a commitment to hire thousands pf marylanders and thousands of people ho live nearby here and we're fulfilling it." it."those tabll games are expected to premier at arundel miils and other maayland spring. the amount it costs to provide health care benefits to employees is up this year.but accordinggto a new survey... it's the smallest increase we've seen in 15 years. years.tte increase was just 4-point-1 percent this year. to 15-percent hikes employers were reporting yeaas ago.the survey finds that with the 20-14 implementation of health carr reform... employers are making a greater effort to control their costs.... shifting more of the expense &pand risk on to their employee.
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it to law enforcement. our detectives acted quickly. rex anne arundel police in amending the bravery of two adult males who came forward having withstood almost a decade of child abuse, at the hands of this man, john charles villers farrow. it lasted from 2000 till 2008. the victims were about eight years old when it began and lasted until their early teens. the victims would spend time and sleepover at his house with permission from their parents. it seemed according to court documents he was taking on some sort of custodial role. charging documents reveal one of the victims told police the abuse had happened hundreds of times, so many that he lost count. >> it was determined the was were numerous incidents involving these individuals who were minors at the suspect's place of residence occurring intermittently over eight or nine years. farrow turnedrs himself in to police. thursday morning when we arrived at his home, a woman ran inside and told us to leave. one neighbor who did not want to go on camera said he was not surprised by the allegations. neighbors and several sources have confir
traumaa keith daniels, fox 45 news, late edition. p police... in... anne arundel county... are... on... the hunn... for man... who robbed... a... walmart ... / and... shot... a... sttre manager. manager. it... happened... this morning... at the... walmart in laurel.../. it... was... just... after 4.../ when... a man ...wearing maak... / approached ...a manaaer ... and... demanded cash. .../ after... he... got the money, .../ he... out... into the parking lot,.../ where... he... hot him.../ then ... drove away..../// the... manager... is expected to survive... < "once officers and firr personnel got on the scene, ttey discovered that one of the employees.. haddbeen shot in the parking lot... non-life threatening injury."> injury."> moments later.../ pplice... got... a call... about a car... fire.... near... the on - walmart....// they... believe it... was the suspect's... getaway ccr. ...// anyone... with informationn.. is... asked to call... anne a string of misconductt allegations against i
condition... but hee tto sons were pronounced dead.there's at this time. police in anne arundel county are looking for a suspect who pobbed a waalart ... and shot a store happened this morning at the walmart ii laurel. it was just after 4:00 when a man wearing a mask... approached a manager &g manager out into the parking drove away.the manager is then - expected to survive... < "once fficerssand fire perronnel got on the scene, &pthey discovered that ooeeof in the parking lot... nonnlife threatening injury."> injury."> moments later... police got a call about a car thaa had been set on fire.... near the walmart.they believv it was the suspect's etaway car. anyone with information ii asked tt call anne arundee pounty poliie. 3&a man is behind bars tonight after pooice say he draggedd bonfire.louis vadee is charged with attempted murder.police say he and his girlfrienn were living in a wooded area along &pritchie highway in brooklyn park.they ggt into an aagument monday... and police say he assaultee her... dragging her was taken to the hospital in stable conditioo. 3 balt
arundel county police are looking for this man. they say he walked into the walmart in moral, walked up to an employee, and demanded money. >> the employee complied, and they wound up in the parking lot, and for unknown reasons, he shot the victim in the upper body. >> police found the employee lying in the parking lot and rushed him to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> it is threatening. a person working here as an employee, trying to put some food on the table for his family, he gets shot to death. bill whole thing is awful. >> it is bad enough they take the money. get the money and go. then they have to shoot him, to prove that is really sad. >> police say the suspect got away in a dark-colored man, and police say it was found nearby engulfed in flames, but the search for the suspect continues. >> that makes us more note -- more nervous, because we do not know where he is at. >> we do not know. that man could be watching us. they do not care about human lives. >> the concern now is for the employee and his family. other employees were visibly shaken. >> it was that
. police in anne arundel county say two men came forward claiming the brother of mia farrow abused them for nearly a decade. we have some late breaking details. >> 66-year-old john charles villers-farrow is facing a laundry list of charges after police say two adult males came forward and said he put them through more than a decade's worth the alleged sexual abuse. >> it is -- takes a lot of courage to come forward and present this to law enforcement and our investigators worked quickly to arrive at these charges. >> police commending the bravery of two adult males who they say came forward in august of this year alleging they had withstood a decade of child sex abuse at the hands of this man, 66-year- old john charles villers-farrow. the sexual abuse mostly happened here at his edgewater home on the 1400 block of wakefield road and that lasted from 2000 to 2008. they were in years old when it began and lasted until their early teens. they would spend time and sleepover at his house with permission from their parents. it seemed according to court documents that he was taking on some sor
story, anne arundel county police arrest the brother of a hollywood actor on claims he abused several children. the victim's city abuse went on for nearly a decade. jennifer prius -- jennifer franciotti tells us authorities are trying to figure out if there were more victims of a >> the victims were only eight years old. >> it takes a lot of courage for victims to come forward with this information and present it. investigators acted quickly in conjunction with the state attorney's office. >> anne arundel county police are recommending the bravery of two males who alleged they withstood a decade of abuse at the hands of this man, a 66- year-old john charles villers- farrow. they mostly happened here at his home. they say it started in 2000 and lasted until 2008. the victims were about eight years old. the victims would sleep over with permission from their parents. it seemed he was taking on some sort of custodial role. when of the victims told police the abuse happened hundreds of times, so many that he lost count. >> it was determined these were numerous incidents involving these in
. >> an electrical fire in an arundel county. -- in anne arundel county. a 75-year-old man was rushed to the medical center. >> next, a look at how celebrities went -- were during fusion right on dancing with the stars. >> 4:53 right now. off to a cold start this morning. >> the coldest one of the season so far. plenty waking up to temperatures below the freezing mark. freeze warning in effect for the match area. those of you that are not included in those counties highlighted there, that is because you already rose yesterday morning. 27 at dulles. 35 at reagan national. 28 in culpeper. and will stay chilly throughout much of the day. and lease it will have more sunshine. mostly sunny skies. high temperature between 45-50 for your election day. know whether woes today to prevent youth -- no weather woes today to prevent you from voting. let's check on traffic this morning. >> we will see a little bit of that much our lingering in the bill later as commuters had out of the polls this morning. in manassas, the prince william parkway at 234 south i-66 a crash closes the parkway in both directions. vir
manager, and we have surveillance photos of that suspect just in to news4 from anne arundel police. take a look. the man's face is covered by a hood and scarf. this shooting happened around 4:30 this morning, at the walmart in laurel near the parkway. tony spoke to an employee there who saw the gunman. >> i saw him shoot him. >> reporter: the call went out at 4:17, shots fired. anne arundel police arrived and found one person wounded, a manager hit in the upper chest. >> it's early in the investigation. we're treating this as a commercial armed robbery. it appears this suspect, an adult male, entered the business. >> reporter: the details are still unclear, but detectives say it started inside as a robbery. the white male talked to this employee seconds before an altercation with the employee's manager. >> this gentleman came in -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: police believe the suspect attempted to rob one of the managers, somehow the two ended up at this entrance and that's where investigators say the suspect fired hitting the manager one time. >> it appears that he took the victim, wen
in a house fire is using that experience to help other victims just like her. 9 hontz is from anne arundel county -- lauren hontz is from anne arundel county. from that tragedy she created lauren's luggage. you see she stuffed suitcases full of blankets and night lights and children's books and other things that could comfort other people who have lost everything. things that she missed in those first few days after her family's fire. >> you know she lost everything. she didn't have a whole lot to give but she was willing to give what she had. >> because it just feels nice giving poem stuff and helping them -- people stuff and helping them out. that's just a nice feeling. >> the luggage and everything inside it is either donated to her organization opaqued up from -- or picked up from goodwill. then lauren delivers the luggage to local firefighters who deliver it away -- give it away to families. >>> first monster and now five hour energy is under fire. there are reports of 13 deaths over the past four years that cited a possible involvement of the five hour energy drink. the fda filings l
. so turn on the low beams because there is going to be some reduced visibility. in anne arundel county we are dealing with downed wires in pasadena that shut down hog neck road between tower bridge road and elizabeth. use edwin rainer boulevard as an alternate. we have veteran's day parade at mount vernon square. it starts at 9 but roads will shut down beginning at 7:00. charles street closed from fayette to monument and lexington from charles to frederick street and eastbound mount vernon place at cathedral and gay street shut down at fayette street. no concerns on 83. and heading into the city and this is what 95 looks like downtown at 395 traffic moving right along the beltway going to be in great shape in parkville. here's a live look at harford road. no problems heading up towards towson but a crash near ridgely avenue you want to watch out for. megan and charley over to you. >>> a family has more than doubled in size from 3 to 7. >> they welcomed a set of quadruplets on november 1st. here they are. they are two boys and two girls and we are not sure of the names. they were delive
is in critical condition. >>> new for you this morning, fire burns through a roof from anne arundel county home. it broke out before 1 this morning and brought 70 firefighters and 20 pieces of equipment from wild willow wayto fight the fire. they battled heavy fire conditions at the home and immediately requested a second alarm to help. >> the family of three self- evacuated after hearing the smoke alarms go off and then called 911. it took approximately an hour and a half to bring the fire under control. the cause is under investigation and there's approximately 350,000 dollars in damage to the structure and contents. >> they got out unharmed and no firefighters were hurt. >> can you imagine this being your neighborhood. a massive explosion ripped through an indianapolis neighborhood. two people were killed. they spoke with the family that lives where the blast happened. >> reporter: i spoke with the owner of the home at 8349 field fairway. they live at the residence and they both said they were out of town at the time of the blast. they did say that they knew that two people had been killed i
-& arundel county... where poliie are on the scene of a shooting outtide a walmart. wwih oree.. plus today's other top stories.good morning, tom. good morning, patrrce and megan.the shooting took place just after four o'clock thissmo. morning.the wal-mart is located in laurel... near i-295. i--95. we sent joelld..smith to the scene... and he's there now with an update.good morning jool. joel. 3 3 &ppolice got a call about a man laying on the ground.. and when they got here thee saw thaa he had been shot in the upper bodd.he was taken to the hospittl... we aae workiig on confirmiig his condition.they &pare investigating this as a robbbey... and say the suspect is a white male. 33 & &pffrst question fed back:about the altercation24400 suspect entered store24:199 hats where pas shoo 3 an ellerlyywoman is in the hospital in criticaa &pcondition... after being trapped in an early morringg house fire in reisterstown. &preistersttwn.the two-alarm fire started around onn o''llck this morning... at a houseeon blake court.when firefighters arrived at he scene... they discovered heavv ssoke and f
is underway at arundel mills... givvng job opportunities to another 12- &pthat's because oters approve qqestion 7... which expands gambling... and allow casinos to ssay open 24-hours a day. maryllnd live owner david cordish... says 8-hundred of those new employees will be table game dealers... and that traaninn. (cordish) "we madeea commitment to hire thousanns of marylanders and housands of people who live nearby here it."those ttble games are expecteddto premiee at arundel mills and other maryland sprrngg the damage left behind by super storm sandy isn't stopping the efforts... to rebbild a portion of the ceann ccty boordwalk.according to the daily times of salisbbry... he project ssffered just a two--ay setback during the storm... bb completed in april.crews section f the boardwalk - flooddaters rom sandy never - reached the wooksite. p3&aaholiday tradition ntering right now in howard county. the poinsettia tree is bbing assembled at thh "mall in polumbia" joel d. smith is live there now to ind out what makes ttii so pecial to the people there, anddwhat kind of crazy done
arundel county. >> a woman is in the hospital after she was hit by a car. it happened just before 8:00 tonight right here in the 3100 block of ritchie highway. the victim is 60 years old. she was hit by a car right near the fire house. firefighters noticed her body. she was taken to harbor hospital. we do not know her name. >>> he says he's no hero. it was all about self- preservation. >> joe appleby retired july 1st. when he -- he's still more than willing to protect and serve. >> the times i've looked down the wrong end of a barrel. >> then it was part of a job. friday the retired state trooper was called to action again. >> i made it about 3 or 4 feet when i happen to see this guy. he was standing just around the corner the front counter. he was dressed head to foot like a ski outfit. i pulled out whatever i had in my pocket cash, look just take the money and go. >> appleby didn't know he already told the robber she had more cash in the back. she was stalling waiting for police. 13 of his 28 years on the job appleby spent special attack assault team. that little switch clicks in
for authooities when phey make a drug bust nnannn - arundel ounty.wwy animal & control had to be calledd.. 3 3 a hild ies after falling into an exhibit at a zoo.what police were fooced to do to try toosave the 3-year old. 3 the sprrnt o the finiss in underway ... as the presidential cannidates visit key swing states in the final hours before election day... comiig up. 3 an... article 32 ...hearing for... staff sergeant... robert bbles../ accused of... & poing on... a... killing spree authorities... say... baaes killed... 16-afghan villagers... in pandahar province... lass march....// he... 38-yeaa--ld father of & two... returned to base... and ttrnee himself in... aftee the massacre.../. bales... & was oo his fourth happened.../.he faces... the death penalty if convicted. 3 a... three- after... falllig into a pen... for... africannpainted dogs... t the pittsburgh zoo. zoo.zoo officials say the boy fell off an obseevation deck 3 and thh animals got aggressive before
it's great. anne arundel delegate steve shoe said he would have done the report card differently. shoe, who also voted with the group five times said they need to include more bills to paint a more accurate picture. >> i don't stake the report card as mean spirited or with malice. i think they have esh eyes that are important to them and the scores are the scores. i supported the ones i support and oppose the ones i oppose and that's okay. >> reporter: the key bills voted in favor of the top priorities. 20 lawmakers, including shoe and seeingle all sported house bill 1374. that gives people facing foreclosure a chance to work through mediation. >> if this wasn't through that, i wouldn't be -- i would be one of the statistics. a job loss left this navy vet -- >> there's no law that says i have to keep my house, but thank god there are laws that are put in place for the people that really want to work. >> as lisa works to pay the bills, lawmakers will be laboring in the next session but will they be looking out for you? >> to get a better grade next year. >>> this is important. we
that big. >> in anne arundel county, jf hager, abc2 news. >> baby alligators are only six inches long. at full growth they can reach 15 feet. animal control has moved it to an exotic animal zoo. >> a body has been found near the intersection of water view avenue and cherry hill road. they are working to identify the man. let's go outside right now and take a look at the maryland science center. >> we need help getting us there. >> we'll talk about the deep freeze. >>> here we go freeze warnings. four to five hours before freezing. bring in the pets as well. we'll be dealing with that through daybreak. wind chill factors in the 30s tonight. frederick, york, down through dover and easton, you feel like 35 under a mostly clear sky. rain coming down. already, mississippi, tennessee. this will take a path south and come up on wednesday. so another clear day but wednesday is our wild car weather day. rain, wind and wet snow. we're below freezing. stay warm out there. much more coming up. >>> as the people in new york and new jersey haven't had enough, more severe weather could be headed our
prepare forslick conditions this morning. we are dealing with accidents trouble in anne arundel county where there's a crash on cape st. john's road and another accident on 95 along the northbound lanes as you approach the beltway in catonsville. not leading to significant backups but traffic is picking up. checking in at the west side of the beltway at old court road traffic is moving along no delays as you head to interstate 70. and the rest of the beltway going to be in great shape no problems to report from parkville up to towson 11 minutes on outer loop from 95 up to 83 and no concerns on the jfx heading downtown. that stretch will take you 11 minutes to travel from 659 to fayette street. that's your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. >>> president obama gave a passionate victory speech in chicago early wednesday morning. celebrating the reelection to the white house. moving forward was a big part of the message encouraging americans to come together now as a nation. >> i believe we can see the future together because we are not as divide as our politics suggest
,000 bge homes and businesses in our area have no electricity. most of them are in anne arundel county. novak is working to restore four a little more than 250 customers. >>> some students will have another day. in anne arundel county four schools are closed. chapel forge early childhood center in prince george's county is also without power, as is lewis town elementary in frederick county, maryland, and all schools in pendleton county, west virginia, are closed because of power outage issues. >>> time for weather and traffic. tom kierein, you're talking about falling back and falling down. it has been a busy weather week for you. >> for all of us. it's been an amazing team effort. we are still dealing with some of the effects of sandy. it's a huge storm. it's weakened a lot, but it is still spinning away over eastern canada. the center of circulation still spinning 500 miles away from us, but we're still feeling thefects -- the effects of a few passing sprinkles. the system dragging down some cold air from northern canada and bringing it all the way down here. these areas in dark blue
30. including charles county, calvert, anne arundel, points farther west of the much of maryland is at or below freezing. that includes loudoun county, culpeper, rappahannock, shenandoah valley into the mountains. some locations in the 20s and upper teens in some of the highlands of west virginia. later today, storm team 4 four-day forecast bright and sunny, upper 40s to near 50 in the afternoon. that's about ten degrees colder than the average high. we're going to stay colder than average all the way through the week, into the weekend, and first part of next week. afternoon highs near 50 with the clouds coming and going. then on friday, highs only in the mid-50s. saturday, partly cloudy, into the low 50s after a freezing start. and then on sunday, we may begin to feel some of the effects of a coastal storm with some clouds coming in. right now the timing does look like if it comes close enough to the coast, we could get rain from that late sunday night into monday. we'll keep you posted. if the track changes, it will make a big difference in our weather. right now a look at our
at reuben dunn's neet court in news at ten.timore, jp fox45 anne arundel county... &p police... need ...your help...///. they're... pooking ...for a suspect ... who robbed ...a shot... a... stooe manager..../ this was... juus after... - 4.../ when... &p ... an wearingga mask.. / approached... a... manager... and demanded cash. .../ after... getting it.../ he... forced the anager.../ where... he ...shot him.../ then... drovv away...///.. the... manager expected... to survive... <<"once officers and fire personnnl got on the scene, they discovered that one of the employees.. had been shot in the parking lot... non-life threateeing injury."> injury."> mommntsslater... police... got a call... about a car... that was... set believe... it was the the3 suspect's... getaway car...///. anyone with information... is... asked to call... anne arundel county poliie. baltimore ... police... are... searrhing gunmen.../ who... erioussy... injured... a mothhr... andd..
might e a great but not for eeeryyne. joel d..smith is live at annn &parundel ccunty animal contrrl... .toogo over thh adopt. but if you're wer reedd, this could be the bess weee to do it right jjel d.? d.. 3 3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 333 &p((traffic reeorter &p((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 395 map 195 map 40 ma pmap 395 map 195 mapp 40 ma p 3 &p3 3 coming up... majjr league baseball names its managers of yeer.the close vote... involving the orioles' buck showalter. (make sure to blur face like pn the prooo) 3:55:52 so how do you explain the purchase last nnght? i have no idea how you bought it here. here.synthetic marijuaaa... that looks like children's candy. the it... and what to watch for in your own home. ((brrak 2)) 3 3 3 a fox 45 crime and justice investiiatioo uncovers deaady drugs being sold over the counttr to kiis... and, most parents aren't awarr of it. in today's cover lepola shows us how the drug exactly is dealing it. who it. ((pkg))synthetic marijuana designed in a lab to get kids high. illegal buttnot
learning? >> reporter: aaron, good morning. just about the same thing as a half hour ago. anne arundel police responded to this walmart off 295 and 198 in laurel. i just want to show you a picture of the scene. still very, very active and very evolving. they actually have the entire parking lot blocked off. one of the sergeants told me they're investigating the entire parking lot as well as inside the walmart, but no word on where exactly that shooting happened. when we got on scene, we did see police officers talking to a few witnesses outside as well as looking through a few cars. that's about all the information that police are giving out right now. again, aaron, as i said, a very, very evolving scene at this walmart off 198 near 295 in laurel. we are going to continue to stay on this story. you can also check in with with all the updates. >> tauony tull, thank you. and to you, welcome back on this wednesday morning. some cold temperatures. >>> today we will learn more about virginia's plan to handle any snow that comes our way this winter. the virginia department
in anne arundel county. when should point out maryland officials, lawmakers idea offloating the expanding gambling in the a maryland live voters -- initiallyly against it. they're expecting more than 100 kind of giddy about it. only five months after opening withoors, officials forland live are preparing a massive expansion. 4700 slots will be for 150 tableay games with live dealers. you can see the cards coming out. it did not know if it is some algorithm or how it is coming out. it is to the advantage of the house. we want to be more fair. while many gamblers think it will better their chances of winning, the real jackpot will be the jobs coming to this area. more than 1200 will be added by the spring. add 1200 jobs to this area. i do not know if you live in this area. that is a good thing. i might come up here. they plan to hold a free 12 in january to teach , slot to be dealers attendants. >> he plans to be there. they extension was approved part of question 7 with thellot and in the countyate at 5.9% and dropping, it is expected to continue that trend. these are good jobs.
arundel north into montgomery county and the district. generally, upper 30s to around 40 degrees. loudoun virginia from west to the shenandoah valley. upper 30s. much of the shenandoah valley west, it's below freezing in the upper 30s and low 20s. upper 20s. by noon, a little sun breaking out, upper 40s. by midafternoon, ought to hit the low to mid-50s and getting increasingly sunny. bit of a blustery northeast wind. i'll show you your friday evening forecast in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> we have a disabled vehicle. let's start 395 as you make your way northbound toward 110, it's blocking the right lane in this area. keep an eye on the road work. as you make your way towards the key bridge, work zone set up outbound as well as inbound. it's a little tricky. use caution if traveling this road. also, good news if you're traveling the inner loop of the beltway. this a work zone set up there. now these travel lanes are open and the rails. checking the metro, marc, and vre, no reported delays at this time. aaron and eun, back over to you. >>
to the passenger ide, the front headlight, and the windshield.anyone with arundel county lice.all anne and bltimore police need your &phelp finding the man in this surveillance photo.he's wanted in conneccion with a sex october 211t at the famill dollar on potee ssreet.the sussect may have two gold tteth.... one engravee with the letter "j." anyone withh information should call police. police need your help finding a missing man. mmn.65 year old ronald brown was last seen on thursday on sufffrs from dementia... and pounds.he left hisshome priving a blue 2012 hyundai sonata with a marylann tag 4-a-k-2-5-5-0...and as last seee wearing a yellow jackkt, &pgreee shirt and black paats.i &p9-1-1. 3 america's argest transit system has resumed partial serviie in the aftermath of sandy.storm sandy. p new york city's subway system resumed partial service althoogh not yet fully -re - operaaiooal.however, driverr trying to get in and out of the city are still encountering troubleespots. highways and ridges congested and traffic was at a standstill innsome places. ".... i've been driving
'm wisdom martin. still a for you closings to tell you about. let's start in anne arundel county. they are closed due to not having power. some of the schools in anne arundel schools are closed due to not having power. in frederick county, maryland, all schools are open except for lewistown elementary. people trying to get back to normal. >> a lot of lasting effects and people still without power too. a lot of people have been restored and a lot of people don't have power. >> are you one of those people? >> i'm on the other side of things. waiting patiently. if i'm wearing the same shirt and tie tomorrow, you know what happened. yeah, still waiting patiently. let's get to the temperatures. 46degrees at reagan national. definitely bring a jacket and it is going to be a cool day. hour high temperatures will only be in the mid-50s. just like the last several days, it will be a little bit on the cool side for the first day of november. looking at our radar and satellite, you can see this big sprawling mess is the leftovers of sandy. not moving a whole lot. we'll have plenty of clouds
schools are making sure they get the help they need. >> at just nine years old, is anne arundel county girl was on her way to start a plumphqhqhqhq >> more and more school aged children are showing up with issues that are way too complex for teachers and administrators to handle. >> it's why there's a growing labor school psychologist. tim tooten during us with how local schools are putting school psychologists to use. >> this is a national school psychology awareness week, a time to focus on the critical role psychologists plea on campus. -- play on campus. >> these are really long. >> they try to solve complex math problems in columbia. down the hall, the school psychologist is keeping track of student cases. the ones she deals with on a daily basis. >> kids have a variety of needs and they're bringing in backpacks filled with the things from the helm, the community, social. if we don't allow them to "unpack," there are not available for learning. >> the teachers often the first one who takes notice of problems students and they are assigned to the school psychologists for help. the
- police in aane &parundel county need your help finding a suspect... who robbed walmarr in laurel wednesday... and shot the store manager. manager..ust after 4 a-m... man wearing a mask approached a manager... and demanneddcash. after getting t.... he forced the managerrinto the parking lott.. shot himm.. then drove away.the maaager is expected to survive. <"once officers aad fire personnel got on the scene, they discovered that one of the employees.. had been shot in the parking lot... non-life threatening injury."> shooting... police got a call fire nnar the walmart.they believe it was the suspect's with information is aaked to call anne arundel couuty hiring is underway at marylaad's biggest casino at arundel job opportunities to another 12- hundred people. that's because voters pproved question 7... which expandss gambling... and allow casinos to stay open 4-hourssa day. maryland live owner ddvid cordish... says 8-hundded of those new employees will be table game dealers... and that &pthe casino will paa for their training. (cordish) "we made a commitment to
. in anne arundel county, lothian elementary, ma tb. acy river middle. severn river middle and severn middle schools will all remain closed today. osed today. -- magacy river middle. ddle. >> things are gradually getting better. we are not quite where we want to be quite yet. >> what is hanging out? the humidity is hanging out. >> well, the clouds and the cool temperatures for this time of year. we are still kind of wet. >> we had so much rain on monday and tuesday, we are still a little damp out there. let's get to it. take a look at the numbers at reagan national. we are in the 40s for much of the area but low 40s out to the west. 46 at reagan national. 42 at dulles. 45 at bwi marshall. the cloud will be thick for the first half of the day. -- the clouds will be thick for the first half of the day. later, a mix of clouds way the bit of sunshine just like yesterday. we'll keep the cool temperatures around with highs back in the 50s this afternoon. but some sun working back in so it won't be a terrible day. and the trend gets better and better as we get into the weekend. in fact, the weekend
to survive. >> reporter: this can easily be described as a chilling crime. anne arundel county police say that the nighttime manager at this wal-mart did everything that he was asked to dorks turning over money and walking outside of this parking lot at gunpoint where he was shot for no apparent reason. anne arundel county police are releasing several photos in the hopes that someone will recognize this man and call 911. >> the three photos released by police show what detectives believe is a white male with a slim build, tressed in dark clothing wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt n one picture, he appears to be pulling a shopping cart. >> the call came out about 4:17 in the morning. at that point, he demanded money. received money from the business. it appears he took victim, went out into the parking lot area. gwen, it's little ambiguous at this point as to why or unclear why that happened but the victim was ultimately shot in the upper body. >> reporter: a few minutes later, the fire department received a call for a fire on shower in a neighborhood adjacent to the shopping center. invest
froo yoor snow pkg- while in anne arundel county... a tree removal worker was fatally killed on the job. dozens haa to be remooed. before powwrrcoull be restored. at the height f the storm.. 219 thousand bge customers were without power... most thanks to some new tactics on the part of the utility. (rob gould-bbe) "so for example.. jobs.. when theecrews leave theii staging area.. so only to givv them their next b it..we gave them a list of shore... may e the ne area till in trouble... the town ws floodee for days... a low income housing residents have bben displaced. it's wwere getting the baae pssentials is still a major maryland may taae years to f - the... maryland... army national guaad... is... &pcredited... with helping... several areas... in... the state,.../ .../ and... helping... in theerecooery... effort. p3 10:58:11"you feelllike a victim, someone s using your namee your record, a new wave of identity thefts. the way this one s eeding the habit of drug addicts.. police in anne arundel county make a wild discovery inside a u
schools will be open todaa. schools in baltimroo and annn arundel county that will be closed.they're on the ticker e bottom of your sceen. 3 3 3 &p3 33- this morning many families across maryland are stiil rseling the efs anttouavenot now d w now and some of our best ht - emergency crews want to help. right now... about 4 &pparrmedics... 2 medic uuiis ann one medical asssstance car carrying much needed morning.right now the death toll in new jerrey stands at 8 but is expectee to rise.there &pbusinesses sttlllwithout owe. more than 100 homes were lte l anth estroyed.yerd. mar n people of new jersey and new p37:43)from whaa it sounds like they are in some pretty dire need for relief and help from all tte jurisdictions. (38:10)for me it wasn't a ery hard decision i just was thinig that ii i was in that situaaion i would only wa or my ed.frd.wetooop my family supplies are aso ssarce there... linessat gassstations expected to drop into the re - upper 30's.oor crews are expected to stay 7 to 10 days more than 300 thoussnd bge power restooeddsince sandy took down hundreds of trees and so many power l
casinos between baltimore and d.c. caesars in baltimore city, anne arundel county, and mgm and national harbour. the latest revenue figures from the casinos feels concerns about the level of concentration. proceeds are down 30%. hollywood casino experienced a decline. revenues went down 13.5% of the past four months. not addressing the decline specifically, the county executives say the state is still making money. >> the fact we have a deficit that we can start to address any meaningful way. >> we heard from three operators today. they say their team is already at work. caesars say they plan to hire 500 people. maryland and live is looking forward to enhance in gaining -- enhancing gaming. question 6, and other ballot measure, also passed. team coverage continues with kim with reaction to voter approval of same-sex marriage. >> as you know, same-sex marriage was passed in the general assembly but opponents got enough signatures on a petition to put it on the ballot and let the voters decide. they did that last night. it has become a heated issue on both sides. >> we are really excited.
, two men ambushed him. is recovering from several gunshot wounds. a family of free in anne arundel home after aheir fire. it took rose an hour to knock took them a it fire. enforcing the speed from teh air/ -- the air? virginia state police have from thely 20 tickets air patrol. to 5000 tickets between 2000-2008. montgomery county school superintendent laying out a plan make the nationally renowned to focus onn better than earn just test scores. we have more from brianne carter. 17 months after joining montgomery county public he delivered his first date of the school laying out his vision and for the future. >> we are the opportunity for children. together, we will insure that get our very best every single day. >> moving forward in academics off to continue to be the bogus. must be a focus on work place experience. opportunities need to be made available to every student. >> other students and kids and the sameave opportunities as others do the finances. that means to be recognized. >> apparent the three students, what heleased with said. exciting time for the school. under a recount
. great play. mead would knock off anne arundel though. >> for a complete wrap wrup of tonight's high school action post high school sports final coming up in a couple minutes. >> are the terps taking suggestions on those uniforms? >> you don't like them. >> ok. there you go. we'll be oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurigas everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. e. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. >> the sudden resignation of c.i.a.'s david per trace. , the fiscalically f cliff. >> tonight the march of dimes honored local women. some of the award recipients include women from ibm, the u.s. army and and many gove
of equipment to contain a serious fire in anne arundel county this morning. flames spark just before 2:00 this morning. people inside the home were able to escape without injury. >> we have live team coverage on how close officials are to be preparing to water main breaks and how it impacts the surrounding areas. rob roblin is live in mount vernon. >> it was a 30-inch main that broke here. you can see behind me the water has been turned off and crews are getting ready is to get down to the pipe itself that is broken. meanwhile, in this community there are 20 buildings in the 800 block of north calvert without water. >> i went in to make coffee and to wash my hands and i saw there was no water pressure. i had no idea there was a water main break. this is pretty crazy. >> lots of folks around madison had to go without water this morning after a 30-inch main broke, flooding the area. >> baltimore is going to be under water if they keep this up. they need to deal with it. >> last week's break on charles street was a 60-inch water distribution maine. this one is half the size, but it is sti
in a deadly shooting in cused - pasadena.anne arundel couuty prosecutors say they didn't have enooghh videeceeto &pproceed with the case against daniel savage.the 18-year-old had been charged with firss degrre murder in tte death of matthewwmorrow.he was killed last month... after a house party.proseeutors are moving forwaar with their case against a seconn man... 18-year-old ronald mcleod. at least four people are dead ann 17 others are hurt after a train collides witt a float... during a paraae honoring vetera. veterans.federal officials pill investigate yesterday's crash in midland, texas.police say a freight train hit a rail crossing.most of the er a veterans... and their signiiicant others. "i ssw the truck crossing the tracks. about halfway across the rackss the gates started coming down. the truck tried other people in front of him out of his wwy. the gates actually hht the first people trailer."a ssokesman for tth tte company says the train was sounding its horn... and the crossing gate and lights were working at theetime. president obama makes his second trip to the nort
, primarily out toward prince george's and anne arundel county. finally the atmosphere settles and as we head into the sunshine and 65 degrees. >> we always celebrate, is going on. what >> these are some tough times for the redskins. mike shanahan speaks out about the rest of the season. now, the toyota sports desk. of talk was a lot about mike shanahan's post-game comments after that loss to carolina. mike says he was misinterpreted of context.t he wants guys who will compete here for years to come. have been crystal clear. it doesn't matter what your .ecord it 6, 14-27shanahan is 3- overall. his record at fedex field is 5- 15. what kind of home field is that? i could not figure out that last play. shanahanrnoon, mike explained it this way. >> it did look silly. to startzards are 0-2 this season. they play the celtics wednesday night. miami for theu to heat. it up in the third 124-99. the heat winds miami is now 3-1. look at this play off the missed field goal. blastoff, from the back of the end zone. this is quicker than gossip. six minutes after 95 yard return .e had earlier today we got w
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